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What is it all about?

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Why am I hiding painted rocks?

Let me tell you why I spend so much time painting and hiding. Of course I really enjoy painting, I always have since I was a little girl. I find it relaxing and therapeutic, it’s a way to express yourself without words. So yes, I always felt strong connection to art. But why have I decided to start Rockin’deed? What is it all about?

We’ll, there comes a time when you realize what really matters in life. We all need love, money and fulfilment of our basic needs. Sometimes it’s easy to take those things for granted if we have them all and we forget the ‘small’ details. Those details might seem minor but are they? Not at all. Here is where each and every one of us can make a difference. Say a good word to someone, visit an old friend who needs a listening ear, call your elderly parents and so on. Those ‘little’ gestures could mean so much to them. We often forget to do those things and go on with our day, minding our own business. How can painted, thoughtful rocks come handy here?

It’s not just art. It’s art with a deeper meaning. A lot of people like art. Some people couldn’t care less about Art but they like nice surprises. so it’s a language that can speak to us all. We are the ones who give meaning to things. Rockin’deeds are a way of communication. It gives people a different way to communicate, people who we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to come across in our daily lives. Say someone you don’t know finds you’re rock and it changes his/her day for the better.. isn’t it wonderful?

It speaks More than words. We can make someone’s day without even knowing it, and that someone might remember it for a long time as it could be something meaningful to him/her. The idea is to create more positive experiences for people, believing that positivity leads to kindness and therefore a happier community. This is a movement of peace and love. It involves us all in the creation of our community’s vibe and atmosphere.

Writing at the back of the rocks ‘Do a good deed’ may encourage people to spread some kindness and show their bright side to the world. They may just think it’s finally time to pick up that phone and call their lonely relative who could really use a good conversation.

You don’t have to be an artist to spread some love. Just pick up a rock anywhere, draw something simple or write an inspiring message, place it somewhere.. who knows what it would lead to and who will pick it up.. It might just be a beautiful story.

Share your love, share kindness. Do what’s in your power to make someone happy today.

It’s nice to also write the name of our Facebook group (FB: Rockin’deed) at the back of the rock. That way we can track our rocks and maybe discover how they influenced someone.

Thank you for reading, let’s rock it!

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