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About myself, Rockin'deed and how it all started..

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

My name is Nurit, I'm a mixed media artist and the curator of Rockin'deed. Rockin'deed is a movement of spreading kindness through art and the main goal is to give back to the community in a form of sharing and involving locals in our activities.

Rockin'deed invites everyone to participate in our rock hunt, where painted rocks are hidden in our community for people to find.  Hints on their location can be found on Facebook and Instagram. The aim of the game is to encourage people who find painted rocks to pay it forward, do good deeds and random acts of kindness and create more positive experiences for people in our community. People can share their good deeds if they wish and I'll just name a few such as: paying for someone's groceries, donating to the food bank, cleaning the beach, buying coffee to the person waiting in the line and the list goes on. Of course you don't need to find a rock in order to spread kindness, but the rock is just a reminder of doing so. I often attend and organize community events that welcome everyone to participate. admission is usually by donation, with some of the proceeds to be donated to local charities.

I host arts and crafts workshops and courses of different mediums, either in  group sessions, 1 on 1 and offer craft activities and projects for parties and events. I teach jewelry making using a variety of materials and techniques, rock and shell painting of different themes, kids craft classes, holiday projects, mosaic, decoupage and much more. I would like to share my skills with anyone who is interested in learning new techniques as well as supporting local charities in most needed areas. More information regarding those activities can be found on my Facebook page and group and on Instagram. At the moment I'm focusing on creating more classes, courses and workshops of different mediums and age groups so more people can find what they are looking for. I provide all the supplies so it's hassle free as participants don't need to prepare or purchase anything in advance.

To make it easier and more accessible, I will soon offer some materials and kits for people who would like to develop their skill/ hobby and practice at home. Another thing I would like to offer is Crafty support groups. My mom passed away last year. From this dark place of grieving, without thinking or trying to achieve anything, I was seeking to create something new, bring something new to life. Two months later I started Rockin'deed. Creating art played a significant role in my grieving process and I would like to share my experience with anyone who is going through rough times and help people by introducing then to new creative  and reviving  art mediums. During those sessions, we will: Talk about what we're going through and learn a skill/ new hobby as a helpful, therapeutic way of dealing with our issues. Create a safe place for people to express feelings in a non judgmental environment, learn the healing affect of art. Create for the soul and Give our mind a break and a chance to recharge, feel a relief by just talking to people who are going through similar things to us and focus on creating.

I make a donation to different organizations quarterly.  

So far rockin'deed has helped and supported the food bank, Gibsons wildlife rehabilitation center, sunshine coast community services, sunshine coast hospice society, local businesses and more.

I often volunteer at schools, daycares and community organizations.

This is what Rockin'deed is all about, sharing kindness through art. I've been an artist for over 20 years, and been selling my art in different countries and online for 15 years. In the past year I've been pivoted my business towards a sharing approach.

Sharing my art,  knowledge, and income with the community. This is what Rockin'deed is all about. Sharing kindness through art.

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